2020.09.16 SIGLOC

“SIGLOC-online” in the summer of 2020 has finished successfully!

Following this spring’s training, “SIGLOC-online” started on August 31st, 2020, and finished successfully on September 11th, 2020.

A total of 25 students from eight countries / regions, including OCU students, gathered. As a pilot program, the university is implementing an entirely online-version of the program entitled Socially Innovative Global Classroom: Online (SIGLOC-online) during the Summer of 2020. All students and faculty members participated from home.

This time the training theme is “Searching for Universal Solutions to Social Problems that Became Apparent Due to COVID-19”.

The participating students conducted surveys on each subject from their homes, compared the characteristics of both countries, while sharing information online at any time, and held a debriefing session using presentations on the final day.


More details about the training will be reported on the detailed page of “SIGLOC”.

Students can gain different awareness and learning from the training provided locally by cooperating with foreign students. In each country participants can work on the same social issues and collaborate as COIL-type education. Based on this experience, we will continue to work on the development of similar educational programs.