2020.07.22 SIGLOC

【Implemented in March 2020】Online Program Report (joint training with Andrews University, USA)

5th online training in 2019(joint training with Andrews University, USA)


Conducted online by modifying overseas training program

[Schedule] March 16 to March 24, 2020

[Number of participants] 11 people

Osaka City University 8 (including working graduate students), Andrews University 3


① Autism empowerment and normalization

② Comprehensive community service

③ Community welfare and volunteer management

⇒ Divided into 3 groups and investigated the activities of the US social organizations (Logan Autism Center, N to N) on the above themes.

[Activity base]

 Online (Home)


From March 16 to 24, 2020, 8 students from Osaka City University conducted online training with Andrews University students, using a web conference system. Initially, the plan was to go to the United States and conduct collaborative training such as internships with students of Andrews University. But in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it was urgently changed to an online format for all students and teachers. The program was carried out by COIL system, which allowed participation from home.


Online meeting between OCU and Andrews students


Participating students conducted a telephone survey from their homes on the subject of social issues like “autism education” and “food bank”, and compared the characteristics of both countries while sharing information online at any time. On the final day they held a briefing session using the presentation.

Group work


After the training started, students had difficulties to communicate only online. They said that “It was difficult to understand the other people’s body language”, but on the other hand, “It was easy to share text information because it was on the screen” “It was easy to participate in the program along with doing other tasks”.


Feedback from the faculty members to OCU students



Yoshihiro Nakajima, a professor at the Graduate School of Economics, said, “We conducted an educational program in which both students and faculty members participated from home in Japan and the United States. As a result, we were able to deepen our understanding of social issues and obtained certain educational results. On the other hand, an important part of the group work is seeing the site, listening directly to the people involved, and meeting with the other participants. And while improving these points, I would like to develop an online education program.


Professor Nakajima


Lecturer Komura


Lecturer Fuse


Providing a 2-week overseas study tour as a COIL-type education is probably unique in the world. Students can gain different awareness and learning from the training provided locally by cooperating with foreign students. In each country participants can work on the same social issues and collaborate as COIL-type education. Based on this experience, we will continue to work on the development of similar educational programs.



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