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Online Open Campus 2021 at “Osaka Metropolitan University (tentative name)”

The Online Open Campus at “Osaka Metropolitan University (tentative name)” from 10 to 23 August 2021.

[Introduction of attractive and unique educational programs]
– For students who want to study broadly, deeply and voluntarily –

Osaka City University has implemented various attractive educational programs that have been selected as a program to the Inter-University Exchange Project.

They have been offered in the form of minors and courses, and the new university will also offer this kind of program.


The “attractive and unique educational programs” are going to hold individual consultation meetings online on 14 August (Sat) and 15 August (Sun).

Please click HERE for details (in Japanese only).


For the latest information on the Open Campus, please check the “Osaka Metropolitan University (tentative name)” Website (in Japanese only).


* In April 2022, a new public university “Osaka Metropolitan University (tentative name)” is scheduled to be established by merging Osaka City University and Osaka Prefecture University.

* The new university – the organization, curriculum, diplomas, qualifications, etc., is waiting for approval, and is subject to change.