2020.11.18 SIGLOC

An interview of a student who participated in “Summer 2020 SIGLOC-online” has been uploaded!

We have just uploaded an interview with Ms. Shu Shisetsu (4th year student, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences) who participated in “Summer 2020 SIGLOC-online”.


“Summer 2020 SIGLOC-online” is a COIL-type of a program in which all students and faculty members participate from home in a completely online format as an attempt to conduct international education that is not affected by COVID-19. It was held from 31st August to 11th September.


In the interview, she talked about why she decided to participate in “Summer 2020 SIGLOC-online” and the message she would like to convey to the students.

Please enjoy the interview from the link below!