2020.11.18 SIGLOC

Broaden your global horizon!

Ms. Shu Shisetsu, 4th year student in the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences


“Broaden your global horizon!”


Ms. Shu Shisetsu participated in the Summer 2020 Socially Innovative Global Classroom (Summer 2020 SIGLOC-online).

We asked her why she decided to participate in the program.



Originally I’m from Hong Kong, and I’m always interested in English. Then, when I saw the recruitment of SIGLOC at UNIPA, I immediately liked this international exchange activity. We can use only English in SIGLOC, that’s why I thought that I could improve my English proficiency in this way.

Additionally, I decided to participate in SIGLOC because I could communicate with participants from other countries on the social issues in connection to the new coronavirus.



Ms. Shu Shisetsu was the leader of a team and also designed the team’s logo. We asked her what she felt when she participated in the program.



I am really glad that I participated in SIGLOC because I was able to know various points of view. For example, I understood the policies about the new coronavirus, not only in my hometown, but also the policies of other countries.

I also enjoyed the “WEEKEND PARTY” event held by the students. Singing and playing with my overseas friends has left wonderful memories.

In addition, I was able to study English a lot. For example, we had to work with the other group members to complete the assignments. English was useful as a communication tool for discussions and report writing. I would like to say again that I am really glad that I participated in SIGLOC.



I think it is very important to know various points of view. Expand your horizons with SIGLOC. And talk to other students from different countries at SIGLOC to improve your English. We look forward to your participation in SIGLOC!