2022.05.30 Q&A


【FAQ about SIGLOC】

Q. Is it possible for a student from a non-partner university to participate in SIGLOC-online?
A. Yes! Any university/college students from overseas are greatly welcome, regardless of the partner or non-partner schools of Osaka Metropolitan University.


Q. I am a Japanese who is studying at a university overseas. Is it possible to participate in the SIGLOC-online program?
A. Of course, we welcome your application.
If you are a full time student in a university outside Japan, you can participate in SIGLOC-online regardless of nationality.


Q. What level of English language proficiency is required to participate in SIGLOC?
A. You will communicate with overseas students only in English during the program, so practical English skills are required.


Q. How much does SIGLOC cost?
SIGLOC-JP (training in Japan):Actual expenses such as transportation expenses when going to field research destinations mainly in Osaka Prefecture will be borne by the students.


SIGLOC-online (online program)

Participation fee is free of charge, but you will need to prepare your own computer and cover expenses related to Internet connection.


Q. SIGLOC-online means that most activities are done asynchronously, but how often do I work synchronously?

A. Regarding the ratio of “asynchronous / synchronous”, the task itself is mainly asynchronous work. When you need to have a direct discussion with the members, you are going to coordinate the schedule with each other because there is a time difference with overseas students. Therefore, at this stage, we cannot give a clear answer as to when and how much you are going to work synchronously.


However, if one task is not completed, it will affect the other members’ task efforts. It is recommended that you work on your own tasks (research, comment on member survey results, answer questions from members, etc.) in a timely manner according to a set schedule.


SIGLOC is a program where voluntary efforts are the most important and it requires time to work on the task. If you can set up a reasonable schedule yourself, why not try.
Please read “SIGLOC-online Close Coverage” to get a better feel for the program.


Q. How long do I have to work on SIGLOC-online per day?
A. We plan to work an average of about 6 hours a day.
Please consider that on some days the work will be completed in about 4 hours and some days will take 8 to 10 hours.
There are variations depending on the content of the assignment on that day and each group works under their own work schedule with students from other countries. For examples of the past SIGLOCs, please see the SIGLOC Website.


Q. Is it possible to receive a certificate of completion in a hard copy after finishing the SIGLOC-online?
A. We will issue a certificate of completion on the electronic basis with free of charge.
It is possible to send a printed version of the certificate upon request. In that case, the shipping fee will be borne by the recipient.


【FAQ about the Social Innovation (SI) Course】

Q. I want to know more about the SI Course.
A. SI Course is offered to the students of Osaka Metropolitan University and Osaka City University.
Introduction Video (YouTube)
Leaflet (only in Japanese)
Minor SI Course Web page (only in Japanese)


【FAQ about COIL-type of classes and Long-term Exchange Study Abroad Program classes】

Q. I would like to know about the classes that the COIL Promotion Office offers at OMU?
A. Please click HERE for the classes that the COIL Promotion Office offers at OMU.
COIL Promotion Office also offers COIL-type of classes in collaboration with other overseas universities.
Please, click HERE to see the full list of COIL-type of classes at OMU.


Q. What kind of classes are offered for the Long-term Exchange Study Abroad Program?
A. Please click HERE for the classes offered for the Long-term Exchange Study Abroad Program.


【FAQ about long-term exchange study abroad program with Andrews University, USA 】

Q. I am interested in studying abroad. Which year is it best to go?
A. As you progress in your studies, it becomes more difficult to balance with the other classes, so it seems easier to take the program in the first years of your undergraduate course.


Q. Is there any credit transfer for this course?
A. The answer is about long-term study abroad (4 months) at Andrews University.
There is no credit transfer for this course available at the moment. If Andrews University approves, you can take any subjects, but it is not possible to transfer (no compatibility) with the credits of our university at the moment.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.  [Inquiry Form]